Nurse Madelyn Marie fucks her patient back to health

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

War is rough and a lot of brave soldiers never make it home. Madelyn Marie is a nurse out in the field and takes her position very seriously. She is there to comfort and heal and the extra special attention that she pays to her patients has saved all that she has seen.

Madelyn offers those brought to her a very special form of sexual healing that her superb body has perfected. The will to live is revived when her mouth wraps around cock and strokes it to stand at attention.

Her long hair falls like loose silk and her big boobs bounce in hypnotic display. She works her cooch on cock until the soldier is fully alert and pounding her hard in return.
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Madeline Marie Takes on All the Cock She Can

Friday, December 2, 2016

Madeline Marie and Allyssa both take it to the limit in a battle to see which will be the champion at cockswomanship. This is going to be some very tough competition as these too professional cockletes go head to head. But no matter who proves to be the victor in an event like this everyone is a winner.

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Madelyn Marie Paid for Pleasure

Monday, November 28, 2016

Madelyn Marie is a sexy Latina who doesn’t mind keeping a lonely guy company – so long as he has the right amount of cash.

Showing up at a wealthy man’s house to satisfy his needs, the brunette babe is stunning. She heads yto the restroom to put on her lingerie and then joins her lover for the night in bed and helps him out of his pants.

The views of her big tits as she bobs that pretty head over his erect cock are enough to make you want to break the bank for a date!

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Madelyn Marie Rides Her Husband’s Cock

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Popular pornstars, Madelyn Marie and Ramon Nomar, are married in real life and sometimes work together on camera. This gallery shows their chemistry as Ramon’s big dick dips deep into his busty wife’s wet pussy.

Madelyn takes in every inch of his massive prick and loves it. She then sucks his shaft while still covered in her pussy juice.

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Madelyn Marie looks after the soldiers

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Madelyn Marie is a fucking sexy hot nurse who will do anything for the soldiers that live and die on the war front. She has a higher survival rate that most of the other nurses that work with her because she is willing to go that extra mile for the guys that serve that country, and she is more than happy to give blowjobs and be fucked if that means there is some hope of survival for the sick and injured! Certainly makes it worthwhile to be in the trenches with Madelyn Marie.

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Madelyn Marie gets ready to be fucked by the boss

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Naughty brunette, Madelyn Marie, is in the office preparing to interview for a new position. She has heard that the boss likes new girls to sleep their way to the top and she wants him to see that she has what it takes to succeed.

She strips out of her short, strapless dress and reveals big breasts cradled by a pretty bra that can barely contain them. She shows her fine ass flossed by a thong and pretty feet planted firmly in black and white high heels.

She then leans against his desk and strips to reveal her breathtaking body in full glory. She’s hired!
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Madelyn Marie in sexy blue lingerie

Friday, November 11, 2016

Madelyn Marie is an astonishingly sexy model. She has a gorgeous head of soft brunette hair and a pretty face with strong features. She stands 5’7″ with legs that appear to run on forever. There is nothing flawed about her fine figure and she comes across as confident and playful when placed in front of the camera. All of that is captured perfectly in this photo set.

Wearing blue and black lingerie on her sizzling Latina body, the busty fox struts and strips in flirty display.

She unveils her big boobs with stiff nipples and spreads her pink pussy lips to allow her fingers unrestricted access to do their best.
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Madelyn Marie gets to cheat on her husband

Monday, November 7, 2016

Madelyn Marie has been happily married for years, but even though they have a great sex life, she wants something different.. she wants to fuck another guy. After letting her husband know what she wants, he agrees as he wants to keep his hot piece of ass and will do anything for her, even if its letting her fuck some other guy.

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Madelyn Marie gets naked in the office

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Madelyn Marie is a pretty pornstar with a sweet face and confident demeanor, not to mention one of the hottest bodies to ever bless the planet.

We have seen her in some pretty slutty clothes before, but she looks right at home in her professional office dress too. Of course, she pairs it with thigh high stockings and a lacy garter belt beneath.

Positioned on a large wooden desk, the dream girl proceeds to strip seductively out of her professional attire to reveal her big firm boobs, long legs, and perfect pussy.

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Madelyn Marie group sex action

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Madelyn Marie is a cheating wife whose husband is a cheater too. They each discover the others infidelity at the same time, but instead of getting angry – they get kinky.

Sexy Savannah Stern and rock hard Rocco Reed are their lovers and everyone is happy to share as they engage in a passionate session of group sex.

Madelyn keeps her knee high leather boots on and gets her pussy stretched by big dick while Savannah climbs into bed to get hers too. The big tit brunettes are just as turned on by each other as they are by the cock that pleasures them.
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